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[Top 5+] The Best Travel Insurance Provider Today

It could make sense to purchase travel insurance if you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to plan a vacation. Travel insurance safeguards you in the event that you have to postpone or cancel your trip due to a variety of circumstances, such as bad weather, illness, governmental shutdowns, and more. Many insurance also cover lost luggage or medical expenses incurred when traveling abroad.
The best travel insurance plans are competitively priced, have excellent coverage with few exclusions or limits, and have high customer reviews. You may choose the best travel insurance company for you with the help of our list of the best providers, but you should also do your homework to be sure the policy covers your specific trip.

Top Travel Insurance Providers for 2023

AIG Travel Guard

Why Travel Guard by AIG is outstanding:

  • A build-your-own customisable plan and four levels of thorough plans are also available.
  • There are options for annual plans, medical evacuation plans, and flight accident insurance.
  • There is a business traveler’s plan.
  • In our evaluation of Travel Guard by AIG, we state: “There are some items that won’t be covered by any of the plans, even though the Essential, Preferred, and Deluxe plans all give different levels of coverage for your trip.
  • Known incidents, baggage loss involving eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, or artificial teeth, and vacations paid for using frequent airline points or loyalty rewards programs are a few examples.
  • Basic insurance from Travel Guard by AIG costs $92, which is 39% more than the national average.

Services for USI Affinity Travel Insurance

Why USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services is outstanding:

  • By policy name, insurance requirements, and traveler type, you can search for comprehensive plan types.
  • Plans for medical care and evacuation during overseas travel.
  • There is a single annual plan with two levels of coverage.
  • For our sample trip itinerary, the USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services basic plan costs around $15 more than the standard.

Travel Insurance Worldwide

Why Travel Insured International is outstanding:

  • Plans that are both thorough and medical-only.
  • Plans for travel cover missed and canceled flights as well as lost or stolen luggage.

In our evaluation of Travel Insured International, we point out:

If you need to cancel (or interrupt) your vacation due to illness, injury, or the death of a family member, AIG Travel Guard policies will pay for it. All Travel Guard policies also include coverage for inclement weather that results in a trip delay or cancellation. In addition to a plethora of add-on choices, Travel Guard offers three primary AIG travel insurance policies.
Additionally, Travel Insured International coverage comes in at $55, almost exactly average.

Global Nomads

Why World Nomads is outstanding:

  • options for complete international travel insurance.
  • Adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking, and scuba diving are included.
  • protection for phones, laptops, and cameras.
  • The Standard Plan ($79) is a good option for people who are happy with trip cancellation and interruption coverage of $2,500 or less, do not require rental car damage protection, find the limits to be adequate, and do not require coverage for specific adventure sports, according to Nerd Elina Geller in our World Nomads review.
  • The base package from World Nomads costs $61, which is $5 more than the average.

The Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance

Why Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is outstanding:

  • Cancellation, emergency medical coverage, and emergency travel support are all included in three comprehensive plans.
  • Two of the schemes offer higher thresholds for missing luggage and reimbursement for missed connections.
  • Adventure sports coverage, rental car collision, and other add-ons are available to customize the coverage.

You can get basic Berkshire Hathaway travel protection for for $36, which is significantly less than normal. Remember that this plan can be customized, so if you add more features, your fee will probably go up.

Services by Travelex Insurance

Why Travelex Insurance Services are outstanding:

  • There are two complete plans available.
  • You can choose your own coverage.
  • There are two flight insurance options.

For our sample trip, Travelex Insurance Services’ basic coverage cost $44, which is around 27% less than the national average.

Seven Points

Why Seven Corners is great:

  • Plans that are comprehensive for both foreigners and Americans, including visitors and immigrants coming to the country.
  • There are annual, medical-only, and student plans offered.
  • Extreme sports insurance “Dogtag” plan with wearable metal insurance ID tag.
  • The company’s options for annual travel insurance are highlighted in the NerdWallet Seven Corners evaluation.

Wander Frequent Traveler and Wander Frequent Traveler Plus are the two annual policies that Seven Corners offers. Depending on how long you want to spend away from home on any given vacation, the policies can be modified. You may take as many trips as you wish over the 364 days, provided that no single trip lasts longer than the choice you chose—30, 45, or 60 days.
The cost of our basic coverage package from Seven Corners for our vacation to Croatia was $12 less than usual, or about $44.


Why IMG is outstanding:

  • International students, missionaries, and ship captains and crew members all have specialized medical insurance.
  • adventurous travel insurance.
  • Planned trip cancellations.
  • Plans that offer COVID-19 coverage are indicated on the search results page.
  • Budget-conscious people might consider IMG as well because, in our research, its basic plans cost $11 less than the average.

USA AXA Assistance

Why AXA Assistance USA is outstanding:

  • There are three complete blueprints available.
  • Any plan can include optional insurance features like “Cancel For Any Reason” and rental-car damage insurance.
  • Basic travel insurance from AXA Assistance USA will cost you $53, which is significantly less than usual. Be prepared to pay a little bit extra if you put on CFAR or rental car damage coverage.

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