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The Times When Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes Aren’t Quite So Instant

Yesterday, I received an email with a promotional offer for Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes. I decided to look at how one of our competitors was marketing and selling life insurance online since our company,, is in the same business.

When I clicked the “Get Instant Quote” link in the email, I was taken to the business’ website, where it is adamantly stated that “Rates are Ready for you Right Away with no Wait.” As instructed, I enter my zip code, and we continue.

A standard web form asks for information such as how much life insurance I want, for how long, my date of birth, height, weight, whether I smoke, and my gender in order to produce a life insurance quote. The “Instant” aspect of “Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes” starts to feel less “Instant” now, though, as the form’s following section requests my name, address, home and work phone numbers, email address, and information about any serious ailments I have had.

The fishing then starts!

Personal contact information is not required for an instant quote, therefore supplying this information expands the meaning of “Instant.” Why are they requesting so much information from me? Later, more on that.

I’ve entered all the necessary data, so I can now click “Get Instant Quotes Now.”. When I’m ready, my quotes appear, but what’s this? These aren’t quick quotations; rather, they are advertisements for many different online life insurance companies, some of which are well-known nationally and some of which I haven’t heard of.

I click on one of the well-known national businesses, assuming that I will now view the quotes that this trustworthy business is providing.

It’s Not Always True That You Should Get Quotes.

After all, “Get Quotes” is written on the button. wait… Similar to the one I filled out initially, there is another form to complete. Where can I find my instant quotes for term life insurance?

They would be instant, so I was informed. I submit a new form, and at last I receive my quotes.

I click on one of the other nationally recognized businesses’ buttons in the hopes that they will also provide me with a fast quote, and yet another form appears. I complete it (4 pages in total), and you would think that after entering all that information, I would immediately receive quotes. Unfortunately, I’m now viewing a page with further adverts for additional life insurance companies.

I can click on any of the buttons to access a different form, but I am no longer able to fill it out. I was just testing, and now I’m about to fling my laptop against the wall. It was very frustrating going through this. What if I was a genuine customer seeking quotes for instant term life insurance? If I had stayed, would I have gotten quotes? Most likely not.

Instant must be taken literally!

What occurs to the contact details you enter on one of these websites, then? It is sold to additional life insurance agencies—up to eight at a time—so they can contact you by phone and email and compete for your business. Additionally, if you filled out additional forms that popped up throughout this annoying procedure, another business would be selling your information to still more organizations.

When you selected “Get Instant Quotes,” were you aware that this might occur? I hazard a guess that the response is no. How are you to know? After all, there was no indication that your information would be sold on this website.

The conclusion

I’m pleased that I underwent this activity. I was aware of how these websites functioned, but I was unaware of how frustrating the process could be for a customer. The good news is that there are websites that provide immediate online quotations for life insurance. Even better, a select handful, including, don’t require any of your personal information in order to provide you with a quote.

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