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How To Purchase A Travel Insurance Plan For Pandemics

Many travel insurance plans provide decent medical coverage, however not all of them cover issues associated to COVID. Check to see if the policy you’re purchasing includes travel medical insurance that explicitly covers you in the event that you contract Covid if that is crucial to you. We only considered Covid-19 travel insurance plans that offered medical coverage of at least $50,000 per person in our evaluation process.
Even though sudden travel restrictions and unanticipated quarantine procedures can ruin your trip, normal travel insurance typically does not cover these issues. No matter why you need to cancel, purchasing “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) travel insurance will compensate you in some amount.

Is Covid-19 covered by travel insurance?

If you test positive for Covid and must cancel your trip or are told by a doctor to quarantine, the majority of travel insurance packages offer trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. That implies that you may be compensated for pre-paid, non-refundable trip fees if your trip is cut short or canceled due to a positive Covid test.

If you get the virus while traveling and require medical assistance, the majority of medical travel insurance policies will cover you. For example, you can get money back for prescription drugs, lab work, doctor and hospital fees, up to the policy’s maximums.
Though not all do, most travel insurance providers treat Covid-19 like any other disease. Once declared by national or international health agencies, epidemics and pandemics might be regarded as “foreseeable events,” hence benefits from travel insurance might not always be applicable. It is crucial to check your coverage for any potential exclusions because of this.

Is quarantine covered by travel insurance?

If you have to quarantine in another nation, there are travel insurance products that can help with unforeseen costs. However, to be eligible for majority of these benefits, you must test positive for Covid-19, and your travel insurance policy must pay for costs associated with Covid.
If you have travel insurance that covers Covid-19, the plan’s travel medical coverage may also apply if you become ill while traveling abroad due to the virus.
According to Steven Benna, a representative for Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison website, “Travel insurance policies that offer benefits if a traveler contracts Covid-19 can also extend their coverage past the initial return date, often up to seven days.”

Travel insurance coverage for quarantine concerns

If the plan includes Covid-19 expenditures, the following travel insurance features may provide payment for the costs of quarantining.

Coverage for travel delays

If you have got the virus, travel delay insurance may be able to help with the expense of your lodging and food while you are under quarantine. This coverage can be prolonged for up to seven days if a positive test forces you to stay past your scheduled departure date.
The overall coverage ranges from $100 to $2,000 per person for policies with this benefit, and the daily limits range from $50 to $300, according to Benna.

Coverage for trip interruption

If a positive Covid test forces you into quarantine, this coverage will pay you for any travel time you missed. Depending on the insurance, it may pay 100% to 200% of your pre-paid and non-refundable travel expenses, according to Benna.
For instance, if a positive Covid test results in a quarantine requirement at home or abroad, Trawick International’s Safe Travels Voyager Plan will pay the costs. According to Bailey Foster, a representative for Trawick International, “These insurance may also compensate you for medical costs and emergency medical evacuation expenditures incurred if you are wounded or ill while traveling on your vacation.”

Travel insurance that allows “cancellation for any cause”

A plan that enables you to upgrade to “cancel for any reason” coverage may be worth looking into. The cost of this upgrade typically increases by 50%, but it will enable you to cancel your trip for any reason and receive partial refund (about 75% of lost trip costs). Your motivation can be connected to Covid, such as learning that Covid levels have increased at your destination. You could even have an unrelated motivation, such as objecting to the weather at your beach resort, by filing a CFAR claim.
Make sure you get a travel insurance policy and include CFAR as soon as you pay your initial trip deposit if you want CFAR coverage. For CFAR, there is typically a buying deadline, say two weeks.

Any interruption is OK. travel protection

If your plan covers Covid, conventional travel interruption insurance can pay you back for the portions of your vacation you miss if you’re worried about being placed into a quarantine while on your trip because of a positive Covid test. If you paid in advance for non-refundable hotel stays, tours, or entertainment and are unable to participate because you have the virus and must be quarantined, you can submit a claim under the trip disruption benefits.

What happens, though, if you don’t have Covid and must adhere to a mandatory quarantine? Travel insurance with “interruption for any reason” might be useful in this situation. A select few travel insurance providers offer “Interruption for any reason” coverage as an upgrade. If you have this upgrade and need to quarantine but don’t have Covid, you can get paid for the portions of your trip that you miss. Additionally, it can be used to cover travel costs so that you can catch up to your schedule.
Although it’s not a popular advantage, the following businesses, Nationwide, Seven Corners, Travel Insured International, and WorldTrips, do offer it on select plans.

How to Get Travel Insurance Quarantine Reimbursement

Be ready to have these documentation on hand if you need to submit a travel insurance claim for a Covid quarantine:
Gather evidence if the policy demands a positive Covid test or actual exposure to the infection. According to Benna at Squaremouth, “in either situation, they must be able to offer confirmation of their test or exposure, such as a note from a physician, in addition to all invoices validating their expenses.”
Please provide proof that your exposure or test necessitated a quarantine.
Save your hotel and medical bill receipts so you can include them with your insurance claim.


Forbes Advisor used information from Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison site, to find Covid the best travel insurance. The following criteria were used to evaluate each travel insurance plan, which had to cover Covid.
Cost of the travel insurance upgrade that includes “cancel for any reason” (50% of the score): In order to determine the average cost of each policy, we examined travel insurance costs for a range of traveler ages and trip costs.
Medical expense coverage (10% of the final score): Travel insurance products were graded according to how much medical insurance they provided. The highest ratings were given to those who had medical expense coverage of at least $250,000.
Travel insurance policies were graded on their levels of medical evacuation coverage, which accounted for 10% of the final score. The greatest ratings went to those who had medical evacuation coverage of $500,000 or more.
Travel insurance refund for “cancel for any reason” (10% of score): Policies that offered a 75% reimbursement for “cancel for any reason” claims were given points.
Trip interruption compensation (10%): Travel insurance policies with trip interruption compensation of 150% or more received the highest marks.
Travel insurance “interruption for any reason” upgrade (10% of score): Insurance policies that provide a “interruption for any cause” upgrade were given points.

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